Ideas For Founder's Day

Hi Guys,
Founder's Day is on Friday Week 4 next term. 22nd May. We will do an assembly (with a history part to it) followed by a liturgy. Then after recess there will be a concert. We need to discuss what we will do as a whole school after lunch. Last year we had a trivia competition, but some people expressed a wish to do something different. We only have about 1 hour and 45 mins. So, anyone have an idea?
Mr Chapman

Mr C here again. I talked to Mr Roff about this today. He suggested having period 1 and period 2 as normal on the timetable. Then after recess we have the assembly and liturgy. We would finish with a concert extraganza after lunch. It sounds good to me. What do you think?

It's Christina. Do we normally have the two periods of normal school?

NO. I don't think we have ever had some normal classes on Founder's Day. But we need to list a lot of ideas and pick the best one. Mr C

Feedback from Meeting Week 1 Term 2
NO ONE liked the idea of having two normal lessons for the spare 2 periods.
Some ideas discussed: Trivia (How do we make the teams up?), Tabloid sports, Movies, Raising money, Run/Walk/Ride fundraiser, BBQ. STC

Mrs Steller saw me this morning to suggest a fundraising idea. She called it a "Dualathon". Students choose a thing to do for 1.5 hours (eg, walk around the oval, stand on the same spot.whatever). In the 2 weeks leading up to it, students collect funds or pledges for their commitment. I suggest this money is raised from all over the Armidale community. We can raise money for a school thing, and the new BUS fund sounds like a great cause. Supervision could be organised around certain areas. I THINK THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. We actually discussed this idea at Wednesdays meeting. Casey also suggested a fundraising BBQ during lunch for the same cause. I could organise prizes for those students who raise the most. I'll run this by Mr Allen.

What do you guys think? Mr C

Hi casey here- i have finally figured this site out! I think the 'Dualathon' sounds like a new and different idea that everyone can enjoy. Prizes for those who raise the most is a good idea also. Are we going to develop a list of things people must choose from or let people make up their own pledge activities?

Well done Casey. I'm glad you worked the whole wiki thing out. That's a good question. Mr Tonkin said he thought there should be choices. He wants to perhaps take a group mountain biking. Mmm. I'm not sure. We would need lots of choices. Mr C

Well having choices may make it easier to organise but yeah- we would need a lot. I think that we would get good numbers in activities like bike riding but for those who choose something at school there could be loads of ideas. KC

Mr C here.

Hi everyone,

With an intimidating weather forecast for this Friday, we have decided to
postpone Founder's Day for two weeks. It is now on the 5th June. This is
the day after O'Connorfest, and the Friday before the long weekend. It
fits well. All of the teachers directly involved agreed. The long range
forecast for that day is fine. Fingers crossed. It will be on the
notices for pastoral tomorrow (Thursday). So, this Friday will be a
normal day, with normal lessons, and no mufti. I apologise to all who
this affects.

I feel this is the right decision and Founder's Day will be better, more
fun and raise more money this way. I feel we need to do the walkathon as
people have donated money for this, and watching movies instead isn't
sending the right message. Also, doing the walkathon later and still
having Founder's Day this Friday will cause two days of disruption. I hope
you agree.


Mr Chapman

ps. We will still have the fundraising BBQ this Friday.

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